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July 17, 2012

Tracklistings for the new vinyl+cd reissues on Numero:

* Frigid Stars LP *
01. D
02. Gravel Bed
03. Pickup Song
04. 3 Angels
05. New Year's
06. Second Chance
07. Cave-In
08. Cigarette Machine
09. Old Things
10. Pea

Frigid Stars LP - additional material
11. Castle (Sound on Sound demo)
12. Skeletons (Sound on Sound demo)
13. Three Angels (Sound on Sound demo)
14. Corner Store (Sound on Sound demo)
15. Summer Dresses (demo)
16. Pea (Acoustic)
17. Second Chance (demo)
18. Pickup Song (demo)
19. Cave-In (demo)
20. Kitchen (demo)

* Barely Real EP *
01. Realize
02. Jr
03. Barely Real
04. Hard To Find
05. W.
06. Promise Of Love

Barely Real EP - additional material
07. Jr (Dessau demo)
08. Hydroplane (Unrest cover, live)
09. Wird (Dessau demo)
10. I Wonder (Dessau demo)
11. Tom (Dessau demo)
12. A L'Ombre De Nous (Bastro shared 7")
13. Cracked in Two (Revolution Come and Gone comp.)
14. Realize (demo)
15. Broken-Hearted Wine (Realize 7")

* The White Birch *
01. Sea
02. Loss Leader
03. Vacancy
04. Kitchen Light
05. Washed Up
06. Tom
07. Ides
08. Wird
09. Smoking Room

The White Birch - additional material
10. Median (Peel Session)
11. Loss Leader (Peel Session)
12. Sure Looks That Way (Peel Session)
13. D (Live, Yo-Yo A Go Go comp.)
14. Atmosphere (Means to an End comp.)
15. Something New (Tom 7")
16. Ides (Working Holiday comp.)
17. Smoking Room (demo)

* 7" with first 500 copies of the box set: Pickup Song (live) b/w New Year's Day (live)

May 14, 2012

Updated tour dates, tickets!!!, more videos below about the reissues, added a new live photo to the photos section...

2012 TOUR SCHEDULE / TICKETS AVAILABLE ! click the location-venue-event links

04-09 Seattle, WA - Sunset Tavern
05-26 London, England - All Tomorrow's Parties << tickets

Mogwai 09.30 - 11.00pm
Dirty Three 08.00 - 09.00pm
Mudhoney 06.45 - 07.30pm
C O D E I N E 05.30 - 06.15pm
Chavez 04.15 - 05.00pm
Harvey Milk 03.00 - 03.45pm
Floor 01.45 - 02.30pm
Umberto 12.30 - 01.15pm
The Soft Moon
Balam Acab
Antoni Maiovvi

05-27 Brussels, Belgium - Ancienne Belgique << tickets
05-28 Groningen, Netherlands - Vera << tickets
05-29 Berlin - Festsaal Kreuzberg << tickets
05-30 Vienna, Austria - Szene << tickets
05-31 Bologna, Italy - Lokomotiv << tickets
06-01 Barcelona, Spain - Primavera Sound << tickets
06-08 Porto, Portugal - Primavera Sound << tickets
06-29 Brooklyn, NY - Bell House << tickets
06-30 Brighton, MA - Brighton Music Hall << tickets
07-01 Chicago, IL - Lincoln Hall << tickets
07-09-10 Seattle, WA - Triple Door << tickets
07-11 Portland, OR - Doug Fir << tickets
07-12 San Francisco, CA - Great American Music Hall << tickets
07-13 Los Angeles, CA - Echoplex << tickets
07-15 New York, NY - Le Poisson Rouge << tickets
11-17 Tokyo, Japan - All Tomorrow's Parties

March 12, 2012

Here's a link to the Numero Group's page for the Codeine vinyl+cd reissues - pre-order now, the first 500 copies come with a bonus single!

November 09, 2011

BIG NEWS! US, UK, European tour, reissues, unreleased material!!!

Thanks for keeping up everyone :-) Still planning to overhaul the discography section, update the tour page, and get a forum on here. Anything you guys/gals send me, I collect it, archive it, and keep it safe, so thank you very much for the contributions. I hope to scan/upload as much as I can sooner than later, lots of updates and surprises in store. I recently moved from Texas to Minneapolis for a new job, and have been unpacking and reorganizing my life, playing catch-up. For the meanwhile, I may create another section devoted for the new tour, reissues, etc., but I will continue updating this news section as new developments occur. 2012 will be a great year for Codeine! Currently processing 20+ live Codeine shows... Very special thanks to Codeine, Nick, and Bernd for the awesome contributions which I hope to share with the fans soon. As always, I love receiving Codeine mail, for any news, queries, stories, thoughts, contributions, hate-mail, etc., please drop a line; if you've sent me something, and I haven't responded, keep bugging me, I get distracted easily;-)

Dan H.! If you're out there, please mirror the site to this one at

Codeine is playing the All Tomorrow's Parties 'I'll Be Your Mirror' festival in London, May 25-27 (tickets on sale this Friday Nov 11, 10am BST), and the Primavera Sound festival in Spain. There will be a handful of US dates, stay tuned...

Details at the ATP and Primavera Sound websites:

Deluxe reissues by Numero Group:

Frigid Stars Tracklist:
01. D
02. Gravel Bed
03. Pickup Song
04. 3 Angels
05. New Year’s
06. Second Chance
07. Cave-In
08. Cigarette Machine
09. Old Things
010. Pea

Bonus material:
11. Castle (Afternoon Delight compilation)
12. Three Angels (Previously unreleased)
13. Skeletons (Previously unreleased)
14. Corner Store (Previously unreleased)
15. Squid (Previously unreleased)
16. Summer Dresses (Previously unreleased)
17. Pickup Song (Demo, Previously unreleased)
18. Pea (Alternate)
19. Second Chance (B-side of D 7?)
20. D (Live, Yo Yo A Go Go compilation)
21. A L’Ombre De Nous (Split 7? with Bastro)

Barely Real Tracklist:
01. Realize
02. Jr
03. Barely Real
04. Hard To Find
05. W.
06. Promise Of Love

Bonus material:
07. Media (Peel Session, Previously unreleased)
08. We’re dead (Peel Session, Previously unreleased)
09. Realize (Live, Previously unreleased)
10. Hydroplane (Live Unrest cover, Previously unreleased)
11. I Wonder (Previously unreleased)
12. Cracked In Two (Revolution compilation)
13. Jr (Instrumental, Previously unreleased)
14. Broken-Hearted Wine (B-side of Realize 7?)

The White Birch Tracklist:
01. Sea
02. Loss Leader
03. Vacancy
04. Kitchen Light
05. Washed Up
06. Tom
07. Ides
08. Wird
09. Smoking Room

Bonus material:
10. Ides (Alternate version, Working Holiday compilation)
11. Smoking Room (Demo, Previously unreleased)
12. Atmosphere (Joy Division cover, A Means To An End compilation)
13. 2 Faced Man (Suicide cover, Your Invitation To Suicide compilation)
14. Loss Leader (Peel Session, Previously unreleased)
15. Something New (B-side to Tom 7?)
16. Wird (Demo, Previously unreleased)

From Pitchfork:

From Katie Hasty's 'Immaculate Noise':


From Consequence of Sound:

September 25, 2010

Some great surprises coming soon. Check out this live Bastro track from '91, Stephen Immerwahr on vocals!

Bastro - Tobacco In The Sink [live '91, Stephen Immerwahr on vocals]

June 30, 2010

Hello everyone,

Nothing new...yet. Doing this site how I WANT to seems like an impossible task for the meanwhile. But that's a lie, I'm just not hardcore enough. But someday, I hope to be. I'm certainly hardcore about CODEINE, but making a $ and paying bills always seems to take priority... Eventually: rescan, redo the discography. Tear out all code/references to Netscape and Microsoft Internet Explorer. Use CSS. Make everythign W3C compliant. Unless I can commit myself totally, it's pointless gimping around, so I will try and maintain this site in its current form, the best I can, until I can rip it all down and replace it with SOMETHING NEW. Nag me. It helps. When I feel like I can't go on, receiving Codeine-mail reinvigorates my broken spirit.

If you haven't received a response from me, I am here, and I have received all of your messages, and I am sorry if I have not written back:-( I will try and be better about it; don't hesitate to contact me again! For those of you waiting for cds...hold tight...

Please don't let this dissuade you from contributing to the site. Always looking for new/old material.



The servers were moved and/or shut down. I'm not sure how/why the site still works... BUT in any case, I am now hosting it here:

Until I get in contact with Dan H. and figure something out, there will be 2 versions of the site, an outdated one at and the current one at .

I fixed the looping sound. Replaced my obsolete bgsound/object tags with an invisible Flash video. I'd like to upgrade the video (sound), give it a longer lead-in, but this requires actionscript, omg, f Flash, or a sound re-edit - both are desperately needed. Don't worry, I'll get to it...